Struggling to find suitable childcare in South East London?


Finding the ideal childcare provider is not always as easy as some people make it seem. However, there are always a range of options available to parents, although it is not usually a straight forward process. Each year during the summer months heading into winter, there is always a rush to locate the best care for children. So it comes as no surprise when many parents find that their hopes of achieving this is met with one disappointment after the other.

One would have thought that the government’s 30 hour a week incentive to assist low waged parents, would serve as a spring board to securing suitable childcare, but it does not always work out that way. Now though Clarry’s in Kennington has come up with a very unique solution to the perennial childcare dilemma. The setting has introduced a range of benefits and discounts for parents who enrol their children in their setting before the end of September, 2020.

To enrol or find out more contact Clarry’s on 07960217758