Quarantine Protocol for Passengers arriving Nigeria from Aboard.



The presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 has issued the following revised quarantine protocol for all passengers arriving Nigeria from Abroad.

Pre-Departure and On Board

1. It is essential that all passengers arriving from overseas Countries must have conducted a test which shows that they have tested negative for Covid-19 at the country of departure before they arrive in Nigeria.

The test must have been carried out within 2 weeks prior to departure. It should also have been conducted at least 5 days before boarding

2. All tests that have been carried out more than 2 weeks before the departure date are not valid. In this instance passengers will be refused boarding.

3. During the flight, all passengers will be required to complete in the Health Declaration/Self-reporting Form and also the Sample Collection Time Allocation Form.

4. All passengers must ensure that all information included on the forms are genuine and verifiable and will enable officials to get in touch with them by telephone using the number provided as well as at the address submitted.



1. All passengers will be expected to queue in an orderly fashion upon arrival. All passengers must adhere to social distancing rules in the process. This will enable all disembarkation proceedures will be carried out in a systematic and orderly fashion.

2. All passengers should then be able to proceed to the Health and screening station at the point of entry.

3. Afterwards, the Health form the passengers filled in on-board the flight will be collected and analysed.

All passengers are expected to keep their face mask on for the duration of all processes.

They are also expected to perform routine hygiene tasks such as the washing and sanitising of hands .






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