Beware! New trick by face book hackers

There seems to be no end to the unscrupulous devices and schemes of fraudsters making use of social media platforms such as face book and twitter to potentially trick their way in to gaining access to other people’s funds. It emerged this week that a number of face book user’s have had their accounts hacked. One of those affected is a very close friend of mine. Hence the reason for posting this piece of information.

The criminals consequently take over their victims accounts and then disguise themselves as the owner of those accounts. They then proceed to contact various individuals who are friends of the account user they have hacked, subsequently demanding for money. In some cases, the hackers pretend they are in dire straits and are in desperate need of urgent assistance. No doubt the hackers can operate from any Country or any Continent.  In my friends case, the number that was alleged to been used ended in 09-0699, with the most likely region of operation being Washington DC.

Please it is worth double checking the security settings of your social media accounts to ensure they are up to date and are set to the appropriate security specifications.

Some years back the hackers came up with an idea of using pornographic content as a blackmailing tool to defile and degrade their victims. To wipe clean the images etc they then demand for a ransom which would need to be paid before all the foul images were removed.

However, once the ransom has been paid the hackers disappear and the pornographic content still lingers on their victims accounts leaving the victims in a worst state than they initially found themselves in .

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In the same vein if you are one of those affected by the activities of these hackers please leave a post too so others can benefit.


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By K Festus.


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