Kennington fire: Emergency services rush to tackle blaze in block of flats June 27, 2020


More than a dozen fire engines at the site involving a tower block fire on the Brandon Estate in Kennington.” The building affected is Walters House, one of the 6 sixteen story buildings in on the estate.

It is too early to determine the cause of the blaze which seemed to be fuelled by the ferocious force of the wind, but early indications show that there were no apparent casualties.

The blaze which apparently started on the first floor of the tower block, just after noon time on Saturday the 27th of June, 2020 was swiftly brought under control about an hour later, through the timely intervention of the fire fighting services from neighbouring units.

One resident who lives on the block of flats directly opposite Walters House said, “I was just tidying up some work on my laptop when I noticed an acrid smell all too familiar with a blaze. I rushed over to my kitchen to check, everything seemed fine, then I rushed over to my balcony, pulled the curtains apart and could see the building ahead of me on fire.

My initial thoughts were oh Gosh! Not another ‘Grenfell’ all over again. There were over one hundred people outside alerting residents of the affected building to the very fact it was on fire. Everyone above the first floor where the fire originated momentarily were trapped.

I really feared for them, because there is only one central staircase within the building itself. The fact that lifts are a no no during a fire meant that the odds of the residents not getting out were being increased by the minute.

Thankfully, the fire was quickly brought under control and now the emergency services continue to conduct their investigations as to the cause of the blaze.


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