Fit to Fly Covid-19 Tests


No doubt everyone is aware of these unprecedented times in which we are currently living in right now. The fact that travel to majority of destinations worldwide has become a real issue right now is largely down to Covid-19. For starters, many people who had booked their holidays well in advance before the sudden arrival of the covid-19 pandemic found themselves having to nullify these trips at very short notice.

As a consequence, many discovered that getting their money back from the various travel firms was not as straight forward as they had anticipated in the first instance. Now, as if that was not enough, the introduction of the 14 days quarantine directive emerged. This simply put, meant that passengers arriving from a Country where these rules were in place would have to self isolate for the required duration of time. This rule alone has succeeded in discouraging people from even thinking of travelling to destinations other than their place of abode.

On a brighter note, we have seen some Countries begin to relax some of these rules they had put in place and a great deal of people have once again now begun to plan their holidays. This is precisely where the next wave of uncertainty has crept in. Essentially, there is now the issue of travel restrictions and protocols regarding Covid-19. Most destinations require that individuals take a Covid-19 test accompanied with a fit to fly certificate. However, not everyone is aware of the appropriate procedure or channels to get this done. This is where I come in.

Now, if you are thinking of making that bold step to travel during these times you might want to read on. I imagine you would face some sort of barrier in trying to get a test through the NHS route, and as a matter of fact even if you did manage to get one, it is still not ideal for travel purposes. The most appropriate route would be to go private. There are a good deal of these clinics in and around London, and indeed the United Kingdom as a whole, where you can get a test done in time for travel. Of course there is usually a fee involved. The fees can range from anything between £120-£650 dependent on the clinic you approach. One of the cheapest is DocTap and no doubt the most expensive is the famous Harley Street clinic. Nonetheless, they all do the same procedure.

The most important aspect to consider when looking to book a test is the difference between the tests on offer. The one you want is the ‘fit to fly Covid-19 test and not the antibody test, which is an entirely different procedure.

I must point out that I do not have any affiliation whatsoever with DocTap, I merely used their services when my mum was travelling to Africa recently, and I thought it might be a good idea to share this with you through this media to aid you towards acquiring the services you require, without the need to go through what I went through in trying to get the same service.

As I pointed out earlier, DocTap does the ‘fit to fly’ test and their turnaround time is swift. If you desire to use their services, go to their website:

They have a number of branches in and around London. Their telephone is 0207 1833254.

How to book:

Visit their website,

1. Click on services.
2. Scroll down to the box that says: Covid-19 Coronavirus Testing & Fit to Fly            certificate and Click on it.
3. Click book the fit to fly test now box.
4. For the appointment type, Choose Covid-19 Coronavirus test/fit to fly.
5. Under test type, choose: COVID-19 PCR Test + Fit to Fly certificate (£139).
6. Answer the short questionnaire below and this will take you to booking slots        as well as locations. You will then need to click on the appropriate one you            need. You will then have the option to create your account by clicking the              NEW USER box.
7. Once you have created your account you will be able to pay and that is that!

The results of the test generally arrive before the 70 hour allotted window stated on their website so do not worry if it seems as if it will not arrive on time. It usually will. Remember too that you will need to take the negative test results with you along with your other travel documentation to the airport otherwise you will not be allowed to board if you are travelling by air. Also, in most cases, tests are time sensitive and in majority of cases, 5 days is the general rule. Anything after this could be invalid and the test would have to be retaken again.

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