Emirates’s Airbus A380 super jumbo – the world’s largest passenger plane – is returning to the skies

The Aviation industry has been severely decimated more than most and many airlines have suffered and indeed continue suffer heavy losses financially. Despite the fact that many high-profile airlines have resorted to issuing redundancy packages to their employees, some airlines are beginning to return back to a semblance of normality. Amongst them are Emirates. The world famous A380 will fly on the Dubai to London and Paris routes from July, 2020.

The airline announced it will fly the world’s largest passenger jet on its Dubai to London Heathrow, and Dubai to Paris routes from Monday, July 15. This is no doubt great news to punters who have been itching to enjoy the luxurious service offered by the airlines whilst airborne.

Since travel restrictions were imposed across much of the world, demand for passenger flights during the coronavirus pandemic has been spectacularly low. As a result, Emirates – and many other airlines – grounded most of its fleet, including its 104 Airbus A380s.
With the capacity to carry up to 615 passengers in a two-class configuration, the jet has not had the justification to take to the air due to the low number of people flying.

Known for its luxury services, the Emirates A380 will return to the sky missing a few of its trademark premium offerings for passengers in Business and First class. Due to restrictions in place because of the coronavirus, there will be no in-flight shower spa or upper deck lounge access. Nonetheless, Passengers will still be offered the airline’s dine-on-demand service, duvets and amenity kits.

While Emirates is resuming its luxury-orientated A380 services, the airline is still in the process of managing nearly half a million refund requests after thousands of flights were cancelled due to Covid-19 related travel restrictions. Emirates has assured travellers they will receive refunds by early August.

Emirates will fly its A380s from Dubai to London in July. Jack Taylor / Getty Images

Emirates also announced it will commence flights for a number of other routes such as the Dhaka route from Wednesday, June 24 and the Munich from Wednesday, July 15.

The airline is currently flying to 40 destinations to,and fro Dubai, with more cities expected to be added to the network imminently. The airline released an advert proclaiming that Dubai is now open to travellers after the emirate announced that tourists could return in July.

As one of the first airlines to place an order for the spacious twin-deck Airbus A380, Emirates was flying it to 49 cities on six continents before the pandemic. ‘This is very welcome news indeed’, Mary Hatterfield a frequent business traveller responded, following the announcement by the Emirates.

The coronavirus could not keep one of the most revered passenger jets down for long. With its return to the sky, the super jumbo can soar again.

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