Defamation of Character – The devil’s old weapon, & the new agents waging war against genuine Prophets.!

Prophet Samson Oluwamodede. The General Overseer of Prayer Centre Church of God World wide.


Wherever there is a good deed performed in the world, be sure to understand that the devil and his cohorts are not far behind. This is not only applicable to our everyday life alone, but to other high profile settings such as in church gatherings and fellowships.

Ever since the Lord Almighty cast out that old serpent, the devil from heaven, he has been constantly waging war against the kingdom of light. He has been doing so in accordance with the scriptures in 1 Peter 5:8 which states: Your adversary the devil, like a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. He goes around using weak vessels. Vessels that have certain significant weaknesses, for instance, money. Money is a powerful weapon in the hands of the wrong individual because it is capable of transforming even the most reasonable person, into an evil courier in the shape of the Anti-Christ. Now the package of the Anti-Christ is very potent in the sense that it consists of many folds which can range from things such as deceit, and defamation of character. It is this last aspect defamation of character, that this article will be focusing on today.


Defamation of character is one of the most deadliest tools in the devil’s arsenal, because it plays on the intelligence of individuals. It can turn a believer to an unbeliever, and it can tarnish the image of someone who has set out well in good spirits or genuinely, and cause an entire lifetime’s work to go straight down the drain in an instant. The consequences of actions such as these can be sorely felt if they are carried out against a church or indeed the overseer of a church on any social media platform available today. Sometimes it can be extremely hard to convince people that the news that has been circulating around is simply not true, but it is only God Almighty who can fight on behalf of the victims.

Jesus Christ suffered this same predicament. Pontius Pilate stated he could find nothing wrong with the man and the allegations brought against him. However the persistence and stubborness of the people forced his hand. The fact that the people cried ‘let his blood be upon us and our children’ is a damning statement that is still very much actively in operation today. Therefore, it is no surprise defamation of character tends to thrive where good deeds abound.

The reason for this lies solely in the fact that to build properly, takes time, lots of effort and the support of others, while to destroy takes less time, less effort and little or no support from others. To destroy is easy, A BUNDLE OF NOTES exchanging hands here and there, or a promise of alternative beneficial rewards, is all that is needed and the perpetrator will begin running his or her mouth like a dam set free.

Wisdom Promotes Wealth has always been at the fore front of sourcing and projecting the truth, and the promotion of all things unique, presentable as well as issues that conform to all kingdom of God matters.

This blog site is also dedicated to addressing numerous negative issues lingering about with the sole intention of attempting to correct those negative issues.

It is true that many individuals would do anything and I mean anything for money. We have seen in the past how siblings from the same Father and Mother have squabbled bitterly over money, often leading to one killing the other. These are people with the same blood, who have in most cases been together for many years. Some times sharing various items of interest, smiling, laughing, joking lovingly together as they all grew up steadily, only to allow the seed of destruction to be sown amongst them, culminating in an enormous gap the length of an ocean.

Now, in many cases the perpetrators of defamation of character more often than not have backers or supporters who constantly feeds them with all the damaging information required to enact and activate their schemes. Most of the backers are usually former members of the same church looking to tarnish the name or image of both the leader, and the church as a whole. The sad thing is that on the other end of the spectrum lies the innocent victim or victims.

Nonetheless, the victim is usually vindicated if he or she is genuine, whether or not the allegations or false information are being spread through live feeds on popular bloggers TV shows, through social media websites, or word of mouth.

Right on cue, enter Prophet Samson Oluwamodede, the General Overseer of Prayer Centre Church of God aka, (University of Prayer). First and foremost It is worth noting that a kingdom divided against itself can never stand. If this man of God is not genuine, it will be reflected in the activities of the church, its members and all those associated with them.

Alas! This is not the case. Prayer Centre Church of God continues to be a vibrant place of worship where multitudes receive deliverance, solution to problems and are taught salvation values. Prophet Samson Oluwamodede has suffered more than most Prophets over the years, through the defamation of character route.

Anyone visiting the church headquarters in Akure, Ondo State can testify to the enormous powers of God at work not just within the premises, but in the lives of many members as well. There is nothing hidden in or around the premises to suggest any form of alternate power other than that of the Lord Jesus Christ. The great thing about the premises is that it is an open auditorium which essentially means everything in and around the building is always in full view of everyone, meaning there is transparency.

Going through the church programmes that are held at varying times of the year it is plain to see that every single one of them has been carefully structured to aid the church members to enable them achieve their required results.

Take for instance the much fancied 72 hours prayer and fasting quarterly programmes, the members abstain from food and drink for the duration of the programme, but it is not something that is forced on the members. It is by choice, only if the members feel they have the capacity to get involved in it. Not only that, along with his ever supportive and equally God-fearing wife, the widows from all over the Nation who are in attendance are constantly presented with many items of food essentials, and other necessities to sustain them. There is also a maternity clinic within the premises of the church to cater for the needs of mums and potential mums. Everyone is well taken care of.

The Prophet himself is a man of God who is always very particular about the well being of all his members and he constantly monitors all the programmes to ensure they are well looked after and that they conform to not just the doctrines of the church, but also to laws of the Country as well. He is very particular about maintaining holiness, discipline and integrity, and he will go to any length to flush out all the bad eggs of the society. Consequently he does not tolerate any form of dirt such as sexual immoralities, dodgy dealings or the like that exist in many quarters of World today.

The irony of this fact is that Prophet Samson Oluwamodede is one of the most down to earth men who exist in the world today. A humble man from humble beginnings brought out of the miry clay by the Almighty himself to expose the activities of the kingdom of darkness, and in essence setting the captives free. Of course, the devil will never sit back and accept defeat. Of course not! He is cunning and he is a master strategist. He is the master of confusion, deceit, lies, embezzlement, theft, envy, anger, hot temper, and defamation of character. So in living up to his billing, he sources out those individuals he has identified as weak in the areas he needs work done and then he strikes.

No doubt many of our readers would have heard of rumours circulating around concerning a fellow known as ‘smart for Jesus’. For those who have not heard, this man has been going round spreading false information concerning a number of men of God, including Prophet Samson Oluwamodede. Recently, he enlisted the help of a blogger who has equally been actively involved in trying to destroy the works of genuine men of God, to force through his allegations.

Now, instead of the blogger to thoroughly verify every piece of information disseminated, the blogger simply adds insult to injury. The former church members of this so called blogger have now set up a petition to shut down the blogging platform responsible for this criminal act. To find out more about this saga see the following article which was published by Concord Nigeria Newspaper and shared on this site. 

The most telling segment of this whole saga is that this man who made many allegations against Prophet Samson Oluwamodede in particular, had not even set eyes on the Prophet before, talk less of carrying out certain tasks on his behalf. This man was arrested by the police in Nigeria along with a host of accomplices and It was during this phase that the Prophet of God posed the question to him. He asked ‘smart for Jesus’, if he saw the Prophet concerned would he be able to recognise him and point him out. smart for Jesus affirmed. Unknown to him, the Prophet in question was the one asking the question. There you go! I rest my case!

Sadly, Nigeria is a Country riddled with many false accusations such as these, but this should not be the case. Nigeria should be a Country whereby all its citizens are able to live in harmony, without any fear. At the moment, it is only the good Lord on the throne that can intervene. The irony once again is the fact that the very people God has chosen and called to effect this change not only in Nigeria, but the World over, are the very ones the devil has set out to defame. God is on the throne.

Darkness can never overcome light! 

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  • Oluwasola Tokimi

    Maureen Badejo is an agent of the devil, she has been sent by the devil and the enemies of the Gospel to wage war against the kingdom of God but they will all fail in the name of Jesus.

    PCCG is flying higher everyday. Prophet Samson Oluwamodede is not just a man that anybody anyhow can bring down, not even the gate of hell can bring him down.

    Let’s continue to spread the good news, He said I will build my Church and the gate of hell can never prevail over it.

    Prayer Centre Church of God is a Church God himself established for the total deliverance of those in captives, set those in bondages free and to save the souls that are perishing. The church for this end time.

    Great is our God

    • O. Kays

      Lovely response Oluwasola. God bless you. Keep on flying the flag. Inform as many of your friends as possible. Remain blessed.