On the 28th of July, 2020, we brought you an article concerning false allegations brought against the man of God, Prophet Samson Oluwamodede, by the man notoriously known as ‘smart for Jesus’, which was aired on a face book TV show, by an equally notorious blogger.

During our fact finding these past few days, we discovered that there are many other genuine men and women of God that have been affected by these blackmailers as well.

In Prophet Samson Oluwamodede’s case, the allegations brought against him have all the hallmarks of a gang of individuals coming together to cause maximum damage not just to the Prophet’s reputation and his church, but also his annual ministerial travel to other Countries outside Nigeria.

Today, during Prayer Centre’s monthly automatic miracle hour programme, Prophet Samson spoke boldly and fearlessly concerning these allegations and the perpetrators, likening these instances to a similar scenario faced by our Lord Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago. In particular he once again touched on the chief blackmailer ‘smart for Jesus’ who has seemingly grown a fresh set of wings from those that he had over 5 years ago when he brought the initial allegations against the man of God. Interestingly, if it was an unforgiving Prophet that these allegations were brought against, this same ‘smart for Jesus’ guy would have been in jail years ago because of the criminal act he committed.

How ironic that the very person these allegations were brought against is the same person who pleaded on his behalf for him to be spared a spell in the slammers. It just goes to show how compassionate and forgiving Prophet Samson Oluwamodede is.

Today the Church continues to wax stronger to the Glory of God. This is testament to the fact that the church in general was built on a solid foundation of trust, honesty, salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Watch the video below to find out exactly how the Prophet responded. Start from the 30th minute mark of the video to see his message.

Automatic miracle hour for August, 2020.