British Airways Female Mechanic – Tsungi Muruta


According to British Airways, Tsungi Muruta is leading by example.
Tsungi Maruta is a colleague we’re proud to highlight. A former British Airways Engineering Apprentice, she now knows the ins and outs of the very latest aviation technology such as the 787 Dream liner, and the A380 Super jumbo. These are her workplace now. Whenever BA acquire a new jet and it arrives on site, Tsungi is one of the first mechanics to gain access. She really enjoys her work and is very passionate about it.

Tsungi had a dream and put in the hard work, application and determination to make it come true. She is a shining light, a beacon and an inspiration to female’s all around the world interested in taking up Engineering as a career. She is a humble and very eloquent in the way she carries herself, and these are two essential qualities required to scale the lofty heights of progress in life.
Watch the video below to see a snippet of Tsungi’s daily routine at work at the engineering base.