‘Banana Island,’ Lagos-Nigeria


Some of the facts and figures of the exclusive Banana Island, Lagos (Nigeria).

First and foremost, how did this region achieve the name ‘Banana island?’ In effect if one was to take to the air in any aircraft, the island is in the shape of a gigantic banana. So instead of calling it a gigantic banana, I guess just banana would do.

‘Banana island’ is in effect an entirely different region which is seemingly cut off from any form of civilisation within Lagos State apart from other posh areas such as Lekki, Ikoyi, and Victoria Island most notably because of the fact that it is a controlled zone comprising of just one gateway into and out of the Island.

Many of the rich and famous residing in the area liken the island to places such as the famous strip in Dubai on which the Burj Khalifa and many other unique landmarks stand.

Davido and Chioma, Linda Ikeji, Alhaji Dangote, Mike Adenuga, Sayyu Dantata, and Peter Okoye are just a few of the many celebrities that have pitched their tent inside the famous artificial island sitiuated just off the foreshores of Ikoyi.

It has often been said that ‘Banana Island’ is a place where you will find the most expensive houses in the World. Forget Dubai and other posh places. Am sure you know Naija is always for show! You will do extremely well to outwit Naija in anything they put their heart to. Is it fancy cars? They have it. Fancy Houses? They have them in abundance too. They have some of the most talented individuals in the World. It is just that numerous issues of a negative nature have seemingly taken a strangle hold on the Nation in terms of bribery, corruption, forgery, money laundering and the like. Otherwise Nigeria would have been a place whereby virtually everybody would yearn to visit. As it stands, just a handful of tourists visit regularly.

Going through history, you will discover that Nigeria is a land flowing with milk and honey! Nigeria does not have any natural disasters, but it is awash with natural resources and blessed with reasonable weather.

If you fancy visiting the area sometime, do not get carried away. You probably won’t want to leave when you visit. It is beautiful area to behold. It has its own amenities and essential services and you will find that the next door neighbour is just another famous face. I must admit, I would not mind living there myself someday if by some miracle God financially blessed me enormously. It would have to be on one vital condition though, and that is; the wealth within the Economy of the Country would have to be shared equally amongst the masses who are currently suffering.

It is nice to earn, spend, and enjoy money, but it is equally nice to help the needy, feed and clothe the poor and cater for the arrival of next generation.

Based on reports coming out of the Island, to rent an apartment on the Estate will set you back from between $22,000 and $150,000 per annum, and this depends on the calibre of the property you are looking to rent. As if that was not enough, there is also a mandatory $17,000 service charge on top of that. There are also reports that a plot of land in the area is worth nothing less than $1 million dollars.

What more can you ask for when there is 24 hour electricity, an advanced road network, round the clock professional security, and a serene stress-free atmosphere to match.

The fact remains that ‘Banana Island’ is simply a playground the rich, the famous, and potentially tourists call home.

God help our Nation!

YouTube tour of ‘Banana Island’ provided by Amazing Discoveries TV.