Are you planning to travel out of the Country this summer?


No doubt the question on many kid’s lips this summer would be concerning the summer holidays. Kids just love going on holiday especially outside the Country. This time though, parents face the difficult task of choosing whether to travel or not. Difficult as it may seem. It demands a lot of thought.

The Corona virus has decimated many sectors within many Economy’s throughout the World, but none has been affected more than the aviation sector. You only have to hop over to Heathrow airport to confirm this.

On any given day none less than 1300 flights land and take off from the airport.  Now though, you will be lucky to find 50 flights scheduled each day. No prizes for stating the reason why this is the case.

The fact that many Countries have closed their borders in a bid to control the virus indicates the concern many officials have regarding this issue. The good news for those who have been itching to pack their bags and jet off to sunnier climates is that the lock down shackles have been loosened and the handbrake released. For some, this might be a recipe for enjoyment, a recipe to release the pent up anxiety and stress of being restricted for weeks or months on end, but hang on! For some, it could end up being a recipe for disaster.

Have you given thought to what measures the Country you are planning to travel to have in place to combat and control the disease?

It is worth giving it a thought you know. I am not trying to discourage you from taking the family abroad, but I am just doing my bit to ease the thought process. I am well aware of the anxiety and stress factor attached to potential travel planning. I am very sure it affects the wife just as it does the husband. I am also aware of the stress of an airport environment more than most, because I work there daily.

Working on an airport for a major airline provides me with invaluable insight to the workings of a host of features including, the changes that have taken effect since the lockdown has been eased, and how these changes affect people with Family’s.

No doubt there are numerous protocols to negotiate prior to departure and indeed your arrival at your designated destination. So before you agree on potential travel to another Country during the summer holidays ask yourself these questions.

  • Will my family be safe when we travel out of the Country?
  • What measures has the Country I intend to visit installed to control the virus.
  • Are these safety measures proven?
  • Have you considered the fact that you will be asked to wear a face mask for the duration of your flight?
  • Can you and your family members, especially children, comply with this, especially if it is going to be a long haul flight?
  • There are numerous changes in-flight concerning using the toilet. Now, many airlines have strict measures concerning using this facility. In some cases a request has to be made before individual’s can ease themselves. Will you be able to wait longer than normal to use it?
  • Waiting times for food served on-board are now longer than before. Will you be able to persevere that long before being served?
  • Will adequate hygiene be maintained aboard the flight?
  • How effective are the sanitising agents used in treating the surfaces of the interior of the aeroplane?
  • How comfortable are you when in close proximity with others who are not your family members?
  • What would you do if you were seated next to another passenger who started coughing whilst the aeroplane was airborne?
  • What happens if you were asked to self isolate during the course of your holiday?
  • What effect might that have on you and your family members?
  • Travel insurance is now more expensive than usual these days. Are you prepared to undergo any potential eventualities?
  • Some travel company’s do not want to insure against Covid-19 during this phase. Would travel without insurance?
  • What would you do if the Country you intend to visit had a second spike of the disease and a lock down ensued whilst you were over there?
  • Would you be able to foot the bill of an enforced stay?
  • How would an enforced stay affect your work? How would it affect your daily life?
  • What about the food served onboard, how safe is the food that will be served during the flight?
  • If you intend to stay in a hotel, how safe do you believe the hotel you will be staying at will be?
  • Above of all, if you are travelling with young children, how will they cope with the pressures and changes highlighted?

These are just a few of a long list of questions many parents taking their children on holiday will be asking themselves?

Is it really worth it?

(Photo courtesy of K.Festus)

Compiled by K.Festus